What I've Learned in Two Years of Marriage – Written by My Husband

What I've Learned in Two Years of Marriage – Written by My Husband

When I first asked Dustin to write a post about our anniversary he quickly agreed and I could tell he had not heard a word I’d said (see below). However, I kept bugging him to do it because 1. I think he’s way funnier than I am and 2. I think a man’s perspective on marriage is always interesting to read. I wasn’t 100% sure what he would come up with, but I hope you enjoy the end result as much as I did.

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What up fam? It’s your favorite part-time-for-hire-blog-posting-husband giving Lindsey the day off as an anniversary present (that’s not true, she’s getting golf clubs. Don’t ask). When Lindsey first* approached me about doing another guest post she suggested that I discuss our first two years of marriage, what I’ve learned, what I hope the next year brings, our hopes, dreams, etc. (*I assume this is what she said the first time. I wasn’t listening so this is what she told me again about 5 minutes ago). With so much specific direction I’m not sure how this could go wrong.

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So, let’s get down to it. I can’t possibly tell you all the things I’ve “learned” but I’ll give it a try. I now know that moving can and will nearly cause a divorce. Seriously, don’t do it. Lindsey doesn’t love cleaning and after 18 years of Sue Doyle’s Mop and Bucket Boot Camp, I’m a bit anal on how you go about tidying up a mess. Moving boxes down three flights of stairs and into the back seat of a Ford Taurus sucks. Doing it while arguing with your lovely, newish bride over how to clean out an oven makes it 1000 times worse.
I also learned that building a new house, and trying to fill it, is not a task for the faint of heart. The day I found myself screaming over what type of rug we needed behind our brand-new kitchen island is the day I knew I jumped the shark. The day Lindsey wanted to drive to Charleston to pick up a refurbished coffee table is the day I knew she had as well. Ballin’ on a budget sounds awesome when you’re ordering a double bourbon and ginger (tall glass please) at The Salty Nut, not when you’re perusing through Pottery Barn. Thank God we discovered that the well-heeled folks living on the other side of the interstate, aka lake front property, donate tons of great stuff to the local ReStore (thanks Caitrin!). Our beautiful home, that is approximately 10 feet from our neighbors, is now about two thirds filled. Slowly, but surely, I am turning into the suburban dad who cares way too much about the color of his lawn.

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What’s that you say? I can’t be a dad if we don’t have any kids? Oh, I’m aware and at the moment we are still totally cool with being a bit selfish and childless. Since we got engaged our plan has always been wedding, fun time in the city, house, fence, dog, Europe, kids. We’ve been batting close to 1.000 so far, with the Europe and dog plan probably flipped. We are absolutely in the 1% of residents in our neighborhood sans child. I’m also the only guy at the pool who is solely concerned about getting a solid base tan while sipping off my Yeti cup without having to chase around a bunch of puddle jumper wearing hellions. We don’t want the freedom to last forever, but it’s not a bad deal being able to drop everything and head to the city for a Friday night concert (see you tomorrow Flinch!).

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In all seriousness, the greatest compliment I can give about our first two years of marriage is that they have flown by! Lindsey is, quite literally, my best friend in the whole world and we genuinely enjoy doing nearly everything together (cooking is still a challenge). Living in the city was a time we greatly enjoyed and miss, but trading in breweries for farmers markets hasn’t been all bad. Lindsey has turned into an incredible homemaker, and I’m handier than the extended Doyle family gives me credit for. Dogs and Europe and window treatments are on the way, and God willing so are children. We’ve been gifted an incredible amount of freedom bookended by an even more incredible support system. Life is never as simple or fabulous as social media makes it out to be, but for the moment ours has been incredibly blessed. I look forward to many more years, memories, and adventures with my beautiful Lindsey.

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I think I’ll keep him 😉



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