Best and Worst TV Series Endings

Best and Worst TV Series Endings

Last week I read a series of tweets about what the last episode of the Sopranos actually meant. To say I was SHOOK would be an understatement. I’m still thinking about it 6 days later. ANYWAYS! This got me thinking about the way that my favorite TV series have ended. Some have left me totally satisfied and everything was tied in a perfect bow and some are so abrupt and vague it leaves me screaming at the TV. So, I decided to complete a list for y’all of my favorite and least favorite TV show endings of all time.


The Office

I have seen the series finale of The Office at least 20 times (that’s probably underestimating) and I still cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There is just something about Dwight and Angela’s wedding that is the sweetest, happy ending. Michael comes back, Kelly and Ryan leave together, and Pam surprises Jim with selling their house and moving to Austin. Every loose end is tied and everyone lives happily ever after. Except Creed.


Parenthood basically ripped my heart out, stomped on it, and put it back together over the course of several seasons. I felt deeply connected to the Braverman clan for years and was heartbroken the show was ending. This is another one where everything is perfectly tied up. Nothing makes me happier than flashes into the future where everyone is living their best life and that’s exactly what we got here.


Do you even have a soul if you didn’t tear up when everyone set their keys on the counter in the final minutes of the most popular sitcom of all time? I can vividly remember watching the last episode in the playroom of the house I grew up in. The ending of Friends is simply iconic and it would just be irresponsible to leave it off the list.



Weeds does a great job of making you hate every character in the final season. Nancy Botwin is the worst and spent the entire series pushing people away. This finale also does a flash forward, but this one is much less happy. The final scene especially bothers me because as much as Nancy’s family doesn’t want to me around her, they all gather outside her house and smoke together. I get the symbolism, but I was just disappointed.


To be honest, I’m still not even completely sure what happened in the last episode of Scandal. I was a loyal Scandal fan and watched religiously, but the last season was so dark and sinister that I was ready for it to be over. The ambiguous ending bothered me and left me thinking that Shonda probably should have wrapped it up 2 seasons sooner.

The Sopranos

Oh, The Sopranos. The series that sparked this post. In the final season you start to see many main characters get killed off. So, naturally, in the last scene of the series when everything seems so normal and casual, there is an assumption that something is about to happen. And then……….. IT. JUST. ENDS. This drove me crazy for YEARS! I couldn’t understand why the writers would leave us hanging like that. Then last week, Dustin sent me the link to a series of tweets and it changed everything. I’m linking it here if you’re interested, but I don’t want to totally spoil anything if you may watch in the future.

Maybe you agree with some of these or maybe not. I’d love to hear about an ending that you hate (or love) too!



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