Review of the Bible Study Seamless

Review of the Bible Study Seamless

I started the Seamless study back before the holidays in an online group formed by Madi Nelson of While I didn’t quite follow the timeline exactly, I thoroughly enjoyed this bible study. When I originally shared that I was starting it, I had several people ask my opinion and if I would review it at the end.

Full disclosure here: I am someone who grew up going to church and I have a strong foundation of my faith. That being said, I’ve never been super comfortable just diving into my bible. This study totally changed that for me and helped make sense of so many of the stories I have heard since childhood.

The basis of this study is to help understand the chronological order of the bible and who wrote what when. After completing it I can say I have a much better understanding of the order in which major events took place and also more about what was happening when each book of the bible was written. There were so many points that I stopped to make a note for verses I wanted to come back to and now I feel like I have a good idea of where to start on my own to continue learning scripture.

I would highly recommend this study for someone who wants to learn more basic information about the bible and how to connect the dots. This study is geared towards women, but there were definitely parts of it I shared with my husband. I will most likely go through the study again in a few months just as a refresher. Please reach out if there are specific questions I can answer about this!




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