London Travel Guide

London Travel Guide

If you follow me on Instagram, you know Dustin and I just got back from a European adventure! We went to 4 countries in total, but started in London. We spent three days there and had a great time!

Where to Stay

We stayed in the Kensington are at Hotel Xenia. The hotel was beautiful and seemed very new. The location was great because we could walk to local pubs and were super close to the Earl’s Court train station that connected to all lines.

Where to Eat

As I mentioned, there were a number of local pubs close to our hotel that we absolutely loved! The day we arrived we met up with a friend of mine at The Scarsdale Tavern. The food was great and the staff was extremely nice. I ordered the Fuller’s London Pride Steak Pie and Dustin got their burger. Both were delicious!

Across the street from the Tower of London we had an amazing lunch at Brasserie Blanc. I had their salmon cake that is topped with a poached egg and it was so good! It was a little pricey, so this might have been better suited for dinner. We wanted to try Witherspoons, which was next door, but it was under renovations while we were there. We were definitely okay with our second choice though, it was a great atmosphere and wonderful food.

Our last night in London we ate at another pub called The Devonshire Arms. They have the cutest blue bar and a beautiful patio area. The fish and chips were so good!

We passed Over Under Coffee every time we walked to the tube station and they had the best coffee! It is very small, but the staff was nice and the food looked amazing.

What to Do

Bus Tour: A double decker bus is just a fun way to see London. When booking tickets make sure you are getting a live person (not a recording) and you can hop on and hop off when something interests you. This is a great way to see the city and figure out what major things you want to do.

Tower of London: Dustin loves history, so I knew going to the Tower of London would be a must for us. We spent nearly four hours wandering through the Tower learning about the place where monarchs lived (and died) for centuries. We did not see the Crown Jewels because the line was over an hour long, but they are there if you want to wait for them!

Westminster Abbey: The last time I was in London I went to Westminster by myself and it was the coolest experience. I was so excited to take Dustin there, but little did we know, it is closed on the weekends. The hold mass on Saturdays and Sundays so touring is only allowed during the week. We were very sad we couldn’t go inside, but it’s still absolutely stunning from the outside. It is also very close to Big Ben and the London Eye. Sadly, Big Ben is completely covered in scaffolding while it undergoes renovations. Womp womp.

Soccer Match: We had the best time going to Brentford for a football match. I will do a more in-depth post on this later, but we loved spending the day in a suburb feeling like a local.

Helpful Tips

Currency: Pound

Transportation: The tube and bus system are the way to go. Public transport is very easy to navigate in London. Get an Oyster card as soon as you arrive. We put $20 each on ours and were covered for 3 days. Uber works well, the only time we took one was on the way to the train station because we did not want to lug our luggage around, but we had a good experience. Black cabs can get pricey very quickly, but they are roomy and can accommodate larger groups.

Driving: We did not drive, however when you are crossing the street, keep in mind that cars will be coming from the opposite direction.

I hope you enjoyed this first travel guide! There is definitely more to come!




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