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fullsizeoutput_1deeWhen I met Dustin in the summer of 2013 he was the first person I’d ever met from the state of Wisconsin. The following spring, I made my first trip to the Cheese State. I’ve been back with him several times since then and we were lucky enough to head back to the land Dustin calls home last weekend. The trip started out slightly stressful because we were up at 4 am to catch our 6 am flight. Dustin and I are not exactly what you would call morning people, so it was a little rough.
When we arrived to the house we were greeted with a box from Amazon that held a Power Wheel Batman car we purchased for our nephews. Clearly, Dustin and I do not have children and his naive mind assumed this car would come completely assembled… He was wrong.
This thing came in about a million pieces. It took 4 people and about an hour and a half to complete it. The assembly was 100% worth it when we got to see our nephew drive around all weekend with a huge smile on his face.
With Dustin’s family so far away, it is really important to us to do our best to see them on a regular basis. It breaks our hearts thinking that our nephews may not recognize us or forget who we are. We realize this is pretty irrational, but we really feel like we are missing out on such a fun time with them. My sister and her family moved to Michigan in January after living 10 minutes from my parents for the past few years. This has made it even more difficult to see everyone. We often rely on FaceTime (thank you, Apple) to stay as close to them as possible.
Dustin and I talk frequently about the good and bad things about being so far from our families. The very obvious “bad” thing is that we cannot be there for the everyday them. I tell him all the time that when we decide to take the leap into parenthood that my mom is just going to have to move in with us for a while. I feel like I’m missing out now, but as our little family grows, I know I will be so sad for our families to miss it. That is probably the hardest part for me. Because we have no plans of moving closer to either side of the family, we are excited for some of the things we want to do. We are excited to settle into our new home (we are building in the burbs!) and have our future children call Charlotte home. We like the freedom of being able to do our own thing with no consequences and eventually we will start to create our own traditions. We have seen, on both sides, the drama that can unfold when everyone is just a little too close. So when we go home, it is special and planned, and that’s just the way we like it.
We had a great weekend with Dustin’s family and we always cherish our time there. See ya in November, Wisconsin!


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