First Thursday Faves: Podcasts

About two and a half years ago I kept hearing about a podcast called Serial. My boyfriend (now husband) and I had a long drive to south Alabama one weekend and we binge listened to the entire thing. After that I was completely hooked on podcasts. I am in medical sales, which means I spend a lot of time in the car driving from office to office. Podcasts not only help pass the time, but I have learned so much over the years from listening to them. I wanted to share some of my favorites with y’all and I grouped them by genre.

True Crime

I love true crime like Olivia Benson loves to catch especially heinous perps. True crime podcasts are my favorite, so you’ll notice the majority of my recommendations fall in this category. If you like podcasts at all, I’m just going to assume you have listened to Serial and leave that off the list.

  1. My Favorite Murder: This podcast mixes true crime with comedy and it’s perfection. Two hilarious ladies, Georgia and Karen, discuss murders throughout history and tell the stories of what happened to the victims. This may sound morbid, but they find a way to keep me cracking up. Side note: I’m listening to it while typing this.
  2. The Breakdown: This podcast is now on its fourth season, discussing controversial murder cases around Georgia. Being from Atlanta, this is especially interesting to me. It is hosted by Bill Rankin, the senior legal affairs reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He gives great detail for each case and I enjoyed the way he told each story.
  3. Up and Vanished: This is also a Georgia based podcast. Host, Payne Lindsey, investigates the 2005 disappearance of a small town teacher, Tara Grinstead. He is very thorough in his investigation and uncovers some new details that lead to breakthroughs in the cold case.
  4. Someone Knows Something: Canadian reporter, David Rigden, describes two different disappearances over two seasons of this podcasts. The first involves a young boy who disappears fishing with his family, and the second involves a young woman who goes missing after getting engaged on New Years Eve. David is a great story teller and investigator.
  5. Accused: Amber Hunt, a reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer, investigates the 1978 murder of a college student in Ohio. Her boyfriend was accused of the crime, but never charged. Amber goes back in time to take a look at all angles of the cold case.
  6. Crimetown: After watching the Sopranos, I have a slight obsession with the Mob. Crimetown discusses the corruption and utilization of organized crime in Providence, RI. They are currently working on a second season, which will highlight another town and its ties to the Mob.


I typically listen to podcasts while driving for work, so I try to listen to things that take my mind of my work while I’m in the car. This is a short list…

  1. Goal Digger:  Jenna Kutcher, is a Wisconsin based photographer who launched her business after quitting her corporate job a few years ago. She now travels the country speaking not only on photography, but social media use, engagement with potential clients, and how to make the hustle work for you. She is incredibly inspiring and easy to listen to. This is definitely aimed towards creatives, but I find all of her topics interesting and relevant in some way.

Human Interest

I wasn’t quite sure what to name this section so these are all kind of miscellaneous. However, they feature real life stories often told from different perspectives.

  1. Invisibilia: This is another podcast hosted by an all female cast, which I love. Alix, Lulu, and Hannah discuss invisible forces that shape human behavior. This may sound a little odd, but it is very interesting. They discuss things such as thoughts, fears, expectations, and social norms through stories from different people all over the world.
  2. Everyday Bravery: First hand accounts are told about instances in which people showed bravery. Every situation is radically different and each person is from a different background. I feel very inspired after listening.
  3. Women of the Hour: Lena Dunham interviews important women in her life, highlighting a theme for each episode. Some of the things discussed are friendship, body issues, work life, trauma, and more. This podcast is not only funny, but relatable. I highly recommend it.
  4. Missing Richard Simmons: This podcast was very interesting to me. When Richard Simmons went “missing” a few years ago he had many people that were worried for him. Dan Taberski, a filmmaker and friend of Richard, investigates Richard’s past and his current situation.


I probably look like a psycho driving down the road laughing, but I don’t care. These podcasts crack me up and always put me in a good mood.

  1. Who? Weekly: I’m not one to normally read tabloids or even keep up with celebrity gossip, however, this podcasts absolutely cracks me up. Lindsey and Bobby, discuss “Who” celebrities (someone whose name you might hear and say, “who?”) and their careers and behaviors that make them”whos” and not “thems”. They have a great chemistry and you feel like you’re just talking to your friends while listening to this.
  2. Call Your Girlfriend: Anne and Aminatou are two long distance besties who discuss everything from politics and supreme court justices to Netflix and vacations. They have a great relationship and are really funny. Aminatou also makes appearances on Who? Weekly from time to time.
  3. Bob and Brian: My husband introduced me to this podcast. It is a morning show hosted by two men in Wisconsin and they discuss some hilarious topics. My personal favorites are their Holiday Horror Stories and Home Improvement Nightmares. This one’s for you, Dust!

I hope you’ll check out some of my suggestions and leave suggestions of your own! I love listening to new podcasts and would love to hear from y’all!
Happy listening!


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