First Thursday Faves: Favorite City

First Thursday Faves: Favorite City

It’s no secret that Dustin and I love Charleston. Living in Columbia was such a treat because we were only an hour and a half away. We knew it would be such a special place to get married and we try to make it down to Charleston as often as possible. We were lucky enough to travel to the Holy City for a wedding over Labor Day Weekend. We ate, we drank, and we were pretty dang merry all weekend.
We arrived in Charleston in the late afternoon and headed to one of our favorite spots, 167 Raw. If you like seafood, you HAVE to check this place out. It’s pretty small, but the staff is so friendly and are happy to serve you a drink while you wait. Dustin and I like to sit at the bar and watch all the action.
They have daily specials written on chalk boards, including the fresh oysters and where they’re from. The servers are so knowledgeable and make great recommendations. We started with their ahi tuna poke and ceviche and, let me just tell you, they are both beyond delicious. They make their pita chips in house and the flavors in each dish are out of this world.
We can’t go to 167 Raw without getting oysters on the half shell. Dustin and I both like low salinity oysters and typically just ask the server for his recommendation on which to try. They recommend eating the oysters with their mixture of vinegar and garlic. Seriously, the sauce takes them over the top. Their cocktail sauce is pretty good, too.
Friday night we attended a welcome party for the bride and groom we were there to celebrate. We had a wonderful time with our friends and their families. We had a few late night cocktails at Stars and The Commodore before calling it a night.
The next morning we had reservations for McCrady’s Tavern. We hadn’t heard a ton about this place, other than it was related to McCrady’s, which is super famous in Charleston for it’s 12 course tasting menu. I won’t bore you with all the history, but McCrady’s Tavern is COOL, y’all. George Washington ate here during his tour of the South in 1791. Click the above link to read about some of it’s history. I first want to say how incredible our server was. I didn’t catch her name, but she was beyond helpful, funny, and great at her job. We started off the meal with some oysters, bloody Mary’s, and mimosas. How regal is that vinegar in a perfume bottle?!
If you’re familiar with the Charleston food scene at all, the name Sean Brock will sound pretty familiar. He opened Husk in 2010 and has been winning awards ever since, including the James Beard Award. His cheeseburger at Husk has been voted the best cheeseburger in America, and although we did not go there this trip, it really is delicious. So, now back to McCrady’s Tavern. It is also owned by Sean and that can make choosing what to eat very difficult. IMG_6072
Because we have both had his life changing burger before, Dustin and I each decided to branch out a little. He decided on the patty melt as a recommendation from our server. It came with homemade crinkle fries and had melted cheese on TOP of the bread. It was very tasty.
When I asked our waitress what to order, she explained that the Quiche Lorraine was basically Sean Brock’s baby. He created this wonder by slow cooking onions for 5 hours, topping it with cheese and bacon, and finishing it with an egg yolk. This individual quiche was a game changer.
Overall, McCrady’s Tavern was an awesome experience and we will definitely be back! Saturday afternoon we walked around the Market and Downtown and just enjoyed the city. Saturday night we attended the beautiful wedding of my former roommate, Kathryn. It was a truly heartwarming event and I loved being able to celebrate Kathryn and Harry! It was a southern wedding through and through, including a promenade from the church the the reception with a gospel choir. We had a wonderful night at the wedding and had a night cap at The Blind Tiger.
Poogan’s Porch is my favorite restaurant in Charleston and when I found out they were opening a barbecue restaurant, I knew we had to check it out. Poogan’s Smokehouse has a very casual and laid-back feel. We went for brunch and started our meal with their smoked chicken wings. They were so delicious (and we were so hungry) that I didn’t even get a picture of them… Oops! They served our drinks in mason jars and had a varied brunch menu. Dustin tried the Tennessee hot chicken sandwich and it was so good! I told him afterwards that I wish I had ordered it too! It came with cheese grits (a personal favorite of mine) and was topped with homemade pickles.
I’m a sucker for chicken and waffles and love to try them at different brunch places. The fried chicken at Poogan’s was so tasty and perfectly cooked. The waffles were fluffy and melted in my mouth. My one complaint about this meal is the syrup, which was a Texas Pete syrup. I, for one, prefer a sweet syrup with my chicken and waffles, but this dish was still delicious!
We were sad to leave on Sunday afternoon. I can’t tell you how many times while we were walking around that Dustin asked, “Can we just live here?” Charleston is such a lovely city that holds a special place in our hearts. We are praying the damage will be minimal from Hurricane Irma!
Have you ever been to Charleston? What are some of your favorites I need to try on my next trip?


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  1. Aunt Sandi
    September 7, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    Love that city too. Stay safe Charleston.

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