Christmas Cookies

As long as I can remember my mom and/or grandmother made peanut blossoms at Christmas. These cookies are so delicious and just feel like Christmas when I eat them. My Junior League small group had a cookie exchange last night and I knew I had to make peanut blossoms.


This recipe is so simple, yet delicious. Start by combining dry ingredients.


Then add wet ingredients and mix until combined.



Once combined, roll into 1.5 inch balls and roll in sugar before placing on an uncreased cookie sheet.


Bake in a 375 degree oven for 10-12 minutes. While cookies are baking, unwrap enough Hershey kisses for each cookie.


When the cookies are finished baking, remove from oven and top with a Hershey kiss. Return to the oven for about 30 seconds, just to melt the chocolate. Allow cookies to cool before serving.


The full recipe will be posted in the “Recipe” tab above. Do you have a special baking tradition in your family?




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