My Skin Care Routine

My Skin Care Routine

I mentioned in my previous post that my friend, Hannah, totally changed the way I look at skin care. I’m not kidding when I say I used to be the person that only washed my face when I showered, which sometimes wasn’t even every day (hi, college). Taking off my makeup was a no-go and I really just didn’t think about my skin. That being said, I was VERY lucky. I didn’t have crazy breakouts or anything like that, but when I start to think about the aging process and how my skin is affected daily, it’s gross to think I used to do that.

When I first started talking to Hannah about skin care, I quickly learned how knowledgeable she is. This girl KNOWS HER STUFF. At first I was nervous when she started me off with 3 products. How was I supposed to go from maybe washing my face to washing, exfoliating, AND moisturizing?? Well, it was easy because I became an adult who cares about her skin. Truthfully though, the products made sense and they were easy to use and affordable, which was huge. That routine has grown a little and I use more products, but my skin is better than ever and I feel confident that I won’t be getting wrinkles anytime soon.


Morning Routine

  1. PCA Cleanser- I switch between the oily/combo skin and the gentle cleanser, depending on the time of year.
  2. Skin Script Cucumber Toner- This toner is hydrating and it smells great! I love the way it refreshes my skin.
  3. PCA Apres Peel Hydrating Balm- this moisturizer is light and goes perfectly under makeup.
  4. BareMinerals Tinted Moisturizer– This isn’t truly part of my skin care, but because of the SPF in this product I wanted to include it. Protecting the skin from the sun is so important so I always try to have some type of SPF on everyday.


Night Routine

  1. Makeup Removal Wipe or Sephora Makeup Remover– Both of these products work great for removing eye makeup.
  2. PCA Cleanser
  3. Cucumber Toner
  4. PCA Rejuvenating Serum (not pictured because I left it on my last trip)- This serum is pricey, but it is so worth it. It smells amazing and helps my skin feel fresh and soft in the morning.
  5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream– This is the best night cream! It’s very thick and creamy and helps with my dry skin in the winter.


3 times a week

  1. Raspberry Cleanser after my night cleanser- This is a chemical exfoliant that works so well. It helps slough off dead skin and leaves my skin feeling so soft.
  2. L’oreal Pure Sugar Scrub on my lips- when my lips get super chapped this stuff is the best! It helps exfoliate them and hydrate them at the same time. It isn’t too harsh and can be used all over the body as well.

All products not linked can be purchased directly through Hannah.

A few weeks ago Hannah gave me my first chemical peel. My skin has been feeling amazing and so refreshed ever since!

This is a before and after shot from the peel. Hannah customizes each facial and chemical peel to give your skin exactly what you need. She writes protocols for all skin types and each individual problem. Chemical peels remove all build up on the skin and Hannah uses a combination of enzymes and acids to target specific problems. There can sometimes be peeling as an after effect. My results from the chemical peel are below:

The first day after the peel there was really no peeling. My skin just felt clean. Hannah creates an after-peel kit as well. So my skin routine was only the products she gave me post chemical peel. She customizes a post kit for each person to go with their peel and their skin.



Hello, fresh face! The only effect after one day was REALLY dry lips. My skin wasn’t having much of a reaction.

On day two, I started to notice the peeling around my mouth and chin. I made sure to apply moisturizer every few hours.


The peeling was better on day 3, but I was still feeling dry.


On Day four I had a small reaction on my forehead, but the peeling was essentially gone. My skin still felt a little dry, but I was applying moisturizer a few times a day.


By Day five, my skin was feeling great and back to “normal.” On day seven I returned to Hannah for an after-peel hydration facial. Afterwards my skin felt very moisturized and fresh. I would highly recommend a chemical peel. The process was slightly painful as she completely cleaned out my pores, but my skin felt so CLEAN afterwards. My skin care products have been more effective since the peel because there isn’t a layer of dead skin and dirt keeping them from penetrating my skin.

Hannah is offering something special, exclusively for Lindsey in the Queen City readers! If you mention this post to Hannah T Spa when booking your chemical peel, you will receieve an enzyme add on (a $40 value) for free! I promise you will love it! Contact Hannah to book today!

Website: Hannah T Spa
Facebook: Hannah T Spa
Instagram: @hannahtspa
Phone: (980) 245-6245 (call or text)


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