Ballin' on a Budget

Ballin' on a Budget

As y’all are well aware we bought a house a few months ago! That being said, moving to a 4 bedroom house from a two bedroom apartment in the city has left us with TONS of room to fill. This is a slow process for sure (unless someone wants to give me all the money and then I’ll have it done real quick). Dustin and I have been very diligent is trying to save for these future purchases and we’ve been working to find ways to cut our spending. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite tips that I’ve been using!

My first tip is to get yourself a library card! They are available everywhere and FREE. I love to read, but books are expensive. With my library card I can even get ebooks and audiobooks. It’s seriously a no brainer.


My second tip is at home self care. I am a sucker for a good mani/pedi and there was a time that I was getting them done every 3-4 weeks. I still love getting my nails done, but I have gotten much better about doing at home manicures. I posted an instagram story a few months ago about how I was terrible about painting my own nails and how they always chipped so quickly. I got some great feedback from you guys about gel topcoats! My sister recommended one that was only $4 (she also gave me the title of this post, thanks Al)! I have been using it for the past few weeks and not only are my at home manicures looking better, but they’re lasting way longer!


Essensce Top Coat | Seche Vive


My last tip is a really simple one. You should sign up for rewards at any store you can. This is kind of self explanatory, but I have been more diligent about using my rewards lately, and I have gotten some crazy deals. This is especially true at grocery stores. I am never going to be the person who clips a million coupons, but you’re telling me I can save money by scanning a card that was given to me for free? SOLD. I also have rewards at places I frequently eat. Being in my car all day for my job, I eat out for a lot of lunches (something I’m trying to be better about), but I have rewards at some of my favorite go tos such as Jersey Mikes and Chick fil a. Lastly, places like Ulta and Sephora will run specials where you can get double or triple points and those are great times to shop!


I realize this is a long way from Dave Ramsey or something like that, but these little tricks seem to be working to help me save a little extra here and there. What tricks do you use to save money?



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