Savvy Blogging: Saving Money Part II

Savvy Blogging: Saving Money Part II

I have recently had several people reach out to me with questions regarding blogging. It kind of cracks me up because I am still so new at this and still learn every day. One of the most frequent questions I get, however, is one I can easily answer. People always ask if I am shopping 24/7 and how I afford to post all of the clothes on my blog. The answer to this is NO. Hard no. I certainly could not afford shopping all the time, but when I do I am strategic about my purchases. I have gone the entire month of February without buying anything for myself and it has been great!


When I decided to start the blog, I wasn’t really sure how I would go about putting together outfits and creating content. Fashion blogging was not my initial intent and is not 100% of my blog, but it’s certainly a big part. I knew I couldn’t just blow hundreds of dollars at Nordstrom every month (hey Nordstorm, wanna collab?) so I had to be smarter. I check sales daily. I probably get 100 emails a day just from retailers. While clearing out my inbox everyday can be a pain in the butt, it helps me plan my shopping. There are certain places that I would NEVER purchase from at full price ( Loft, J. Crew Factory, Old Navy, etc.).


I do a lot of my shopping online, mostly because it saves me time and the hassle of going to a store. That being said, there are a lot of times I have to return things and I think that is much easier to do in person. There’s definitely a give and take and finding a system that works for you is key.


The last tip I have, that is more applicable to bloggers or entrepreneurs, is to collaborate as often as possible. If you have a service that you are willing to trade, people will work with you! I have been collaborating with local Charlotte boutiques to get discounts, free clothes, and giveaways in exchange for posting about their brand. This holds true for other areas of expertise as well. I had dinner with a friend the other night who was telling me that she redesigned a painters website in exchange for having her house painted. I think that is so awesome! For me, working with boutiques in Charlotte has given me a sense of community that I didn’t necessarily feel before and it’s been really fun! All of the clothes featured in this post were part of a brand collaboration!

Dress | Sweater | Necklace | Vest | Jeans | Top | Bracelets

While I know that some bloggers probably do this differently, I enjoy the hunt of finding deals. Shopping sales is always something I have found enjoyable and fewer things in life make me happier than finding a great bargain ha! Some of my favorite sales going on right now are:

J. Crew Factory: 40%-60% off everything online!
Loft: 40% off Tops and Sweaters
ShopBop: Go Big Sale – tons of markdowns and extra percentages off the more you spend
Belk: 80% off Clearance (WHAT?!)
Target: BOGO 50% off swim and sandals
Old Navy: 50% off all jeans

Happy shopping, friends!



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