Ain't No Thing but a Chicken Wing

Ain't No Thing but a Chicken Wing

When we finished the house, there were so many things we were going to have to buy for the first time. As apartment dwellers for years, there were things that we just didn’t have. One of the major things were were looking forward to purchasing was our first grill. Dustin’s parents were nice enough to buy us one as a house warming gift and it came in last weekend. They brought us a Traeger pellet grill. I was totally new to this kind of thing, but apparently it can operate as a grill and a smoker! The grill came with a cookbook and I was so excited when I read that we could smoke chicken wings!

Of course it rained the entire first week we had the grill, so we couldn’t use it, but this weekend we braved the cold temperatures to smoke some wings!


We decided to make two types of wings: dry rub smoked and buffalo. This was one of the easiest meals ever! All we (cough Dustin cough) did was rub down half the wings with this Traeger rub and left half with no seasoning.

Probably my favorite feature of our new grill is its digital thermometer, so I can see exactly how hot it is at any given time. This makes grilling so simple because we can get an accurate idea of how long to cook it. Dustin set the grill to 350 degrees and in 50 minutes our wings were perfectly done. Then, I tossed the non seasoned wings in Frank’s Wing Sauce.


Then we ate them and they were DELICIOUS! You can check out the full recipe here.

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What are your favorite things to grill?




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