Monthly Media

Monthly Media

After getting some feedback from y’all on my Instagram story, I am working on some new content that I hope y’all will enjoy! Because I want to bring more to the table than sweaters and earrings, I think it would be fun to review some of the things I listen to or read each month. It’s sort of like a round up of what I’ve been up within the last month and it leaves you guys with some recommendations to try yourself!


Book of the Month: Bright Side by Kim Holden

This book is SO GOOD! The story centers around Kate Sedgewick and her life as she transitions from southern California to a small college in Minnesota. Her life is far from normal and her struggles are too much for a young adult to have to deal with on her own. Although Kate has some really troubling issues, this is a love story at heart and it will make you laugh out loud and ugly cry. I highly recommend this book and it’s a very easy read.


Show of the Month: Atypical

This Netflix series follows an autistic high schooler, Sam, in his search for a girlfriend. This show is not only hilarious, but it seems realistic. The family dynamic is relatable and so fun to watch. There are definitely some cringeworthy moments as well as sad ones, but overall this show is great!


Podcast of the Month: Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel

This podcast is so interesting! Psychotherapist, Esther Perel, holds one time couples counseling sessions with couples that are completely anonymous. Some details from the conversations are withheld to keep their anonymity, but these sessions are extremely raw. Each couple is struggling with a different problem that they want to discuss with Esther. Her insight to relationships and the way she approaches each situation is totally unique. It has changed the way I look at my marriage and relationships with others.

Book | Show | Podcast

I hope y’all like this new series! I want this blog to be completely about you guys. I want to serve you and give you content you actually want to read. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed in the comparison game lately and I realized I’ve want to do some things differently. I want to be able to give you useful information that is relatable, fun, and interesting. As I mentioned before, many of you responded to my Instagram story telling me what you want to see and I will be doing my best to give that to you. I want to create a community with this blog and I want to interact with you! If you ever want to see something or have a question, I am an open book! Feel free to comment, email, or DM me and I am happy to answer in the best way I know how. I am so thankful to have people follow along on this journey with me and I hope y’all are having as much fun as I am! Thanks for being the best followers!



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