May Monthly Media

May Monthly Media

It’s time for round II of Monthly Media! I’m going to try to keep my picks within a certain theme so that the book, show, and podcast are somewhat related. If y’all would rather have them totally unrelated, just let me know!


Book of the Month: I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara

I don’t recommend this book to anyone who scares easily or is squeamish. This book details the many crimes committed by the Golden State Killer who remained a mystery until LAST WEEK! He escalated from break ins to rape to eventually murder in the 70s and 80s and many people thought the crimes would go unsolved forever. Michelle McNamara writes beautifully, but the book is cut short due to her sudden death in 2016. A team of researchers worked together to finish the book and make sure it was published. The reason I’m recommending this book this month is because it has been in the news because they found a 100% DNA match and made arrests for the murders last week. It was completely amazing to watch it all unfold in real time and I am so, so happy this animal is off the streets. If you like true crime, this is a must read!


This Netflix original series follows a young FBI agent and his journey to studying the psyche of serial killers in the 70s. Dustin, who is not a true crime lover like myself, really enjoyed this show. It is captivating in telling the story and it is extremely well written and produced. I can’t wait for season two to come out!


As an Atlanta native I found this podcast completely terrifying. I had never heard of the Atlanta child murders prior to this podcast and I’m not really sure how. Payne Lindsey, the creator of Up and Vanished, is also the lead on this podcast. This narrative is slightly different than his first podcast because a lot of the episodes focus on the man who was convicted of these crimes but has always maintained his innocence.

Book | Show | Podcast

I hope y’all enjoy these true crime suggestions because I have loved all three of them. If you do decide to read, watch, or listen, I would love to know your thoughts!



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