Bruges is for Lovers

Bruges is for Lovers

I have been excited for this post since we arrived in Bruges! It was my favorite stop on our trip and just the most charming little town. When planning our trip, we knew we wanted to stop in one place that wasn’t a major city. Dustin did some research and found Bruges and we are so happy he did.

I absolutely fell in love with the food, the walkability of the city, and the beautiful canals.

Where to Stay

We stayed at the fabulous Hotel ter Brughe. This place was magical. It was right on the canal and was an absolute delight. They have a delicious breakfast each morning and a 24/7 bar situated next to a patio that Dustin and I loved.

Where to Eat

On our first afternoon in Bruges we ate at Sanseveria. This bagel shop is unreal. Their bagel sandwiches and their cocktails were out of this world.

Once we decided to go to Bruges and I started researching, all roads pointed to Park. We did a tasting menu and the meal and service were both excellent. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and we had the best time eating delicious food and drinking some of the best wine we’ve ever had.

Fred’s is located right off the Markt Square and has the MOST delicious waffles. My mouth is watering just typing this.

The Old Chocolate House is famous for their hot chocolate. We stopped here on a rainy day and it was the perfect escape from the weather. We also treated ourselves to a Speculoos waffle.

What to Do

As a canal city, a boat tour is a fun way to see some of the highlights. We just walked up and bought tickets from one vendor, but there were many to choose from.

One of the most iconic buildings in Bruges is the Belfry Tower. The tower itself is historic with a museum inside, but the best part of the Belfry is the view from the top. It is quite a hike and not recommended for someone that is claustrophobic, but totally worth it!

On the outskirts of town there is a path with 4 old windmills. This sound kind of boring, but it was so nice to walk down the path and see how massive the windmills are.

The Markt area is a beautiful square surrounded by shops and restaurants. We wandered up and down the surrounding streets popping into different stores and boutiques. There were so many beautiful stores with anything you could want.

The Church of Our Lady is a stunning sanctuary. There is a relic stored here that is believed to be a vile of Jesus’ blood. It was incredibly overwhelming to be able to touch it. I highly recommend doing this. It doesn’t take long to go into the church, but it was a very spiritual experience.

Helpful Tips

Currency: the Euro. Used both cash and cards with no issues.

Transportation: there is a bus system, but mostly we just walked. Everything was within walking distance from our hotel and the city is extremely walkable. We took cabs to and from the train station because there is no Uber.

Pro tip: the Markt is essentially the city center, but everything within the square is somewhat overpriced and not that great. Venture outside the square into the surrounding streets and there are more local, affordable, and better options.

If you have the chance to visit this charming city, I highly recommend it.




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