Recent Amazon Finds

Recent Amazon Finds

I’ve gotten a few questions about things that I order off Amazon. I am an Amazon junkie and I love the ease and convenience of ordering something and it showing up to my house two days later. The best part about Amazon is that their quality is getting better and better and I have found some really awesome things as of late. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite purchases over the past few months.

First up, these overalls! I was a little scared to jump on this bandwagon, but for $35 and free returns I figured I could try it. The material is very stretchy, making these so comfortable. The distressing is enough, but not too much, and I really like the color.

Up next, I’ve got some earrings that I have pretty much been wearing in a nonstop rotation. I ordered them all at the same time and love them all so much!

Acrylic Hoops | Light Rattan | Darker Rattan

Next, I have a few things that have made traveling so much easier. I had never used packing squares before our big trip, but let me just tell you. They are a game changer. These packing squares kept me organized for each city and then held all dirty clothes after they were worn. These would be perfect for wet bathing suits too!

I also bought a new toiletries case before we left on our trip. When this one arrived I was immediately worried that it was not going to be big enough. However, this little guy is deceiving. I easily fit my full size products inside and the way it is organized kept me organized for the entirety of the trip. It comes in several colors and patterns and they are all under $20.

I originally bought this purse for the trip, but it was a little small for my big wallet. However, I liked it so much I had to keep it and just use it as a weekend bag now. Every time I’ve carried it, I’ve gotten so many compliments. If the colorful strap isn’t your style or remind you of a camera strap, it also comes with a thin leather strap.

I’ve gotten a few household items that have been lifesavers recently. I had my previous steamer for nearly 7 years when it decided to stop working in Amsterdam. I think the converter was just too much to handle. Anyways, I needed a steamer as soon as we got home and bought the same brand because I absolutely love it.

The other household item I am super impressed with is this electric lighter. This is a rechargeable lighter and it has changed my life. If you don’t buy anything else from this list and you like candles like me, buy this. You’ll thank me later.

Earlier in the year I was on the hunt for a pair of leggings that look like actual pants and I stumbled upon these. I was so impressed with the quality and even more impressed with the price.

The last thing I’ll share today is another Amazon basic. This thermal is light weight and goes with anything. I wore it while traveling and it was perfect on a cold plane, but I didn’t get too hot wearing it outside.

I hope you find these things as cute and helpful as I do! It’s hard not to love something that is reasonably priced and shows up at your door within 48 hours after ordering, am I right?





  1. Allison
    June 25, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    I bought the darker rattan earrings from your earlier post and wear them ALL THE TIME. Such a great Amazon find!

    • lindsey
      June 25, 2019 / 6:24 pm

      I’m so glad you love them 😘

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